Can UserEcho be used to power a community aspect of a site?

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for example, I work for a large ecommerce site and we have thousands of newly listed items everyday. It would be useful to have feedback, comments, etc tied to each listing. If it's possible that your system could provide this functionality, could you also provide some type of web service to retrieve all the community activity collected in UserEcho?
Sergey Stukov
Also we can discuss additional features here :) Welcome
Sergey Stukov
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At this moment, you can have individual feedback topic for each product on your site.

If you start working with us, we can add following functionality

1) Special link to UserEcho like[x]&itemdescr=[item description]

when user will come to feedback project by this link we will autocreate feedback topic if it is't already exists or display feedback with related discussion

2) also soon we add XML/SOAP API to directly access customers generated content

3) and integrate discussion voting functionality directly on your site by inserting special html/js code
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