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Based on some customers feedback, they usually don't participate in our site because they feel like forced to register on (the same actually happened to me the first time, it took me some guessing till I found I can actually use 3rd party login).

It is because of the way the form is presented, with the focus on the text box and the other options at the top but don't getting users attention.

So since it is easier and gives more confidence to users, I think you should redesign the signin popup. See image below.

I am sure this will increment users participation across all project sites.
Sergey Stukov
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We planned redesign iteration for sign-in form.
I think even better if you put a radiobutton per each provider.
Since I am running a forum available to a list of beta testers only, sign up is their first must have step and here are the thoughts:

1) When the forum is closed, there is no need to explain people why they do not see it. Right on the default page, give the ability to Sign In or Register. No need to make them look for the "Sign In" link and show that small popup window.

2) If the customer chooses to register with UserEcho, show a message which clearly states that an email has been sent to them. They have to locate the email, follow the link to confirm their address and set the password. Right now many people stay puzzled.

3) If the customer does not complete the process, does not confirm the email, but then opens the page again, it would be great to identify the cause and explain why the forum cannot be shown.

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