Deleted user still receiving email notifications

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Hi guys,

One of my users (who used to be staff) is still receiving email notifications for comments & new suggestions even though I've removed her from the user list (and she has in fact left the company).

Can you somehow take her account off the mailing list?

charlotte.r****** is the account we're after.
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Hi Tom,
First, I want to explain you how is subscriptions works.
Evererybody can subscribe to the everything that he/she has access. When we send notifications we do double check that user still has access to this object for "read". If user has acces we send notification.

She was subscribe to your forum. You've deleted her from admins, but she still has access to your forum, because of your access settings. That's why she still receives notifications.
Check your access settings here
You have settings "@yourdomain" is allowed. It means than everybody with emails from your domain has access to your forum.

So, we've unsubscribed her from notifications but she still can subscribe again because of your access settings.

Also, you've blocked her. But blocked user has no rights to post topics/comments, but still may read content.

I hope it makes sense.
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