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Currently, the user can filter the topics displayed, by selecting another status or another tag in "Status: All" and "Tags: All".

This could be made more powerful:

1) by adding a checkbox symbol on item selected in the selection menus:

=> for instance you could select several tags simultaneously:

to filter topics with "Features" and topics with "Urgent!" (a OR in fact ;-))

Of course, if you click again a selected item in the menu, it would remove the checkbox symbol (2-states)

2) by adding a 3-states symbol on menu items (instead of 2-states suggestion above)

=> by clicking a menu item, then you would get: checkbox symbol, forbidden symbol, no symbol (and so on in a circular way)

The new intermediate state "forbidden" would enable to ignore the selected item in the displayed topics.

All that filters combined would give:

DISPLAY any topics satisfying "any of the checked items" and NOT satisfying "any of the forbidden items".

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Hello Ryann.

Thanks for a very clear and detailed description of the idea.

We thought about it before, but we plan to realize it later.

We'll inform you about progress here.

We had one of our clients request the ability to filter on multiple tags. Perhaps an easier implementation would be to add an option on the Tags filter drop-down that says "* Tags I Subscribed To" ... or something like that. Then they could easily filter for topics that contain any of the tags that the user subscribes to. This would be a big improvement in functionality without adding any complication to the user interface.
Sergey Stukov
Can you provide some details, this filtering is related to the forums accessible by users, ot to the agent interface from where staff manage community.

We have filtering on multiple tags in our agent interface.

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