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Is there a strong reason why commenting on Knowledge Base articles is disabled at platform level and cannot be enabled per customer?. For us, at Scrapinghub, it would be good to have comments so  that our customers can highlight mistakes or omissions in our KB articles. 
Sergey Stukov
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Each KB article has vote button for client, with question Is this article helpful for you?

When client reply as No not for me, system ask him to leave comment to provide info how to improve article, highlight mistakes, etc. So you can reply to customer and update your article. This allow to have updated and clean article with latest info without mess of comments.

So each user able to leave private comment on KB articles.
Pablo Hoffman
I didn't know that. Now that I do, I find 2 flaws in this workflow:

  1. it's not intuitive (for example, I didn't expect to be given the opportunity to provide comments over a negative review). It's good that I can, but if my main goal is to provide comments not a usefulness review, it's not intuitive.
  2. it doesn't cover some common scenarios. For example, what if I found the article helpful but I want to report a typo or  suggest adding something new?. I would be forced to provide a negative feedback ("non helpful") in order to be able to input my comments. That doesn't sound like right to me.
Sergey Stukov
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We have added ability to leave comments on KB articles.
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