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Often times I need to change the feedback type - e.g. "Questions" to "Ideas" while keeping it in the same forum. The "Move to another forum" option lets me change the feedback type but I have to move it to another forum first then move it back, which is unnecessarily troublesome.

Could we have the option of changing feedback type without changing forum? A quick way to do it is to present the current forum as an option in the dropdown box in the "move to another forum" dialog box.

Also, I don't see why there's an option to move to the UserEcho General forum. Who would want to move their own company's support issues to UserEcho's site? I selected that option without knowing what it is and now have an issue on UserEcho's site that I can't move back or even delete. 
Sergey Stukov
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1) Move mouse over topic/feedback. Then choose edit action and then you can change topic type.

2) Move to UserEcho forum used when users post feedback regarding feedback forum itself like improve search or something similar.
And then you able to forward feedback to the Userecho team.
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