Grammatical error on feedback form and widget

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Saw this both on the feedback site and the widget form.  Possibly because there are no topics yet in my database, and thus nothing to suggest, but the text below the input box should read "Vote for a similar topic", not "topics" -- or better yet, don't suggest voting for a similar topic at all when there are no topic suggestions below, just say "No similar topics found" with the "Post a new one" button
Sergey Stukov
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Will fix this issue, thanks for the suggestion.
Mike Wentworth
Good idea, but you can modify that yourself for now. So in respect, it isn't a huge deal because most users would just take the "a" away themselves.

Suggestion: Create Topic (not "Post a new one" -- "one" is subjective.)

Two buttons shoudld not be one.

There should be two buttons: "Create Topic"    "Continue Searching"

Something like this would be nice, hence the error because it isn't like this. If there is no topic like this guy said, the text should be automatically saying something different like "Hmmm. No similar topics found. Be the first to create a topic with this idea."
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