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There are ideas which I want to say: "Implement it asap!". For others, I'd like to say "Would be nice to have". And on the other side, some I just want to downvote, and to some I want to say "NO, don't do it!".
Please allow from -2 upto +2 votes per person per issue (I think this should be configurable in the admin panel). Thanks!
Sergey Stukov
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This is similar to the priorities

now we have tags feature in power plan
you can create tags ASAP, LOW Priority,NEED THINK .....

and then assign it to feedback, UserEcho then allow to filter by tags
Sergey Stukov
We see that you use UserEcho like TODO manager now, but if you attract your users to it. We think they bring new super ideas for CintaNotes and will vote for existing

And you able to see customers needs
Sergey Stukov
Also if your application completely free for users we can give you
Power plan with TAGS and some other features for free
Alex Jenter
Sergey, thanks for your answer. But unfortunately I don't really understand how tags will help my users to express different grades of positive/negative interest.

And I'm not using the service as a todo list, I'm transferring the existing ideas and bugs from my PHPBB forums:

Thanks a lot for your generous offer of the Power plan! My software is free now, but there's also a commercial version planned. Does your offer still hold under such circumstances? As I'm working on the program alone and don't see yet any income from it, I can't really afford to pay $15 per month.

P.S. Eще хотел сказать - вы молодцы, здорово видеть как наши программисты делают хорошие сервисы ;)
Sergey Stukov
ok, tags don't help with this situation, but you can still use it for grouping feedback like you do this in your forum, all labels like [Clipping] [UI] [Editing] can become tags here

we think about GTD using because do not see any user activity and voting here and suppose that you try to move personal tasks here

Yes our offer is valid, just upgrade to power plan and then report us here, we update
your account to free usage for all this year, and then again

You can yourself decide when you ready to pay :)
Maybe when your monthly income will be over $10000 level :)
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Hello Alex.

Feel free to contact us with questions about UserEcho usage and we try to help you. Also we can discuss different use cases of UE with your project and unveil hidden features that applicable to CIntaNotes.
Alex Jenter
Sergey, Vladimir, thank you very much for your answers! I'm not quite ready to fully switch to UserEcho because I'm afraid to lose the fine community that have formed on forum. And there's no guarantee that UserEcho won't disappear the next day. So for the time being CintaNotes is going to use UserEcho as a public roadmap/voting service. But if we like it here it's possible that we move entire Feature Requests and Bugs forums here.
BTW I've upgraded to the Power Plan and am going to test out the tagging functionality, thanks for that opportunity ;)
Sergey Stukov
We set you free plan before the end of the year as we promised.

Once you become a major profitable service, we can conclude an SLA to guarantee the safety of your data

Be optimistic and you will be successful. :)
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