Hi! I was wondering how I would enable and disable font height for essay helping and so I can have different types of articles?

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Usually I post about a couple of times a day! But I use user echo as a place to write my essays on specific pages. How do I enable Spacing? From HTML it is 

p {   line-height: 150%; }
Is there a possibility and ways that you can please have an icon for line spacing? 200% for class work of mine and regularly leave as is?! Thanks! ^_^
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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If your project's admin wants to do it, you should add class to the project's custom CSS. It will be applied to all topics in the project.

.ue-content {
    line-height: 200%;
Mike Wentworth

Next time you can ask me. I can apply settings myself. :-) The icon isn't possible for now, but I can add a button on a custom blank page on a text editor for sure.
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