Add Support for OpenID Login

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Your login panel is already powered by Janrain Engage which supports OpenID. Not all of us like to have our online identities managed by the big networks. Give users complete control over our identities and allow us to login with OpenID.
Stephen Judge
Thanks for considering this feature request :-)
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Thank you for feedback. Completed.
Stephen Judge
It is great to see that you have added OpenID support, although there now remains one problem for existing users of UserEcho who joined before you offered OpenID and created their accounts with the traditional email address and password. There needs to be a way to attach your OpenID to and existing account.

For example my initial account which I created with email adress and password before you supported OpenID is but when you then added OpenID support I then went to log into UserEcho with my OpenID, this then created a new account . So now I have two accounts on UserEcho. I would like to be able to merge them into one now.  And should work with Janrain on how to associate existing account with new OpenID's.
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