Localized number formatting

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Currently, UserEcho displays numbers like this: 2,500 (for tow thousand and five hundreds). e.g. on "Our team" page for votes stats.

I may not be usual in every language.

For instance, in French:
- float values does not use the point, but the comma : 3,14159 (equivalent to 3.14159 in ENglish)
- then comma is unsual as thousands separator and simple space is used: 2 500 (equivalent to 2,500 in English)

For instance, your Facebook widget on follows this rule, displayed on http://reach.jdbpocketware.com :
10,076 people like JDB Pocketware.
10 076 personnes aiment JDB Pocketware.

=> would it be possible for UserEcho to follow same kind of language rules to display numbers?

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Great, thank you very much.

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