How do I set a redirect from userecho page to a vanity url/custom domain name?

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I checked previous threads but couldn't find a complete answer that could help my level of understanding of this. Can you plz tell me what changes I can make in the attached Godaddy DNS settings so that visitors can be led to my custom domain name 

Forum link is

Ojass Narawane

I was able to fix that typing in in the browser redirects appropriately. Could you please tell what what change I can make on GoDaddy or UserEcho side so that (non www version) also redirects appropriately.

Thank you!!

Sergey Stukov
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Because you want to point second level domain, you need to update A record for your domain.

Set it to

Ojass Narawane
Thank you for the prompt reply, Sergey. I wasnt expecting quick support at this time of the year :) It did fix the problem. 

Just one more question, how do I redirect www versions of the urls to non www versions. Example: redirects to
Ojass Narawane
@sergey This was fixed, Thanks
Ojass Narawane
sergey Sorry to bug you on this again. I was wrong it is not working correctly. is accessible fine but is not. 
I want both to point to

Here is the screenshot. Thank you again!!
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