Add support for iPhone Prowl Push-Message Alerts

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Could you please add support for sending iPhone Prowl Push-alerts witch sends same kind of alerts about new posts in the forums like you do with your existing email alert function?

Prowl is a third-party application for iPhone, wich enables web-masters or anyone to add instant push-message alerts in all kinds of projects. The prowl-API is incredible easy and light-weight to install, I have already used it in many of my own PHP web projects and the implementation is done very quickly.

Here is link for the prowl application on App Store:

And here is the official website for it:

It would been absolutely amazing to get this implemented in userecho, since then I do not need to constantly check my forums manually or check my email all the time. Then i could just wait for Prowl to neatly pop up a push message on my phone anytime there is new feedback on the forums to answer.

Thank you for making userecho so amazingly easy and userfriendly! I hope you guys will think this idea is good to put into it. :)
Sergey Stukov
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We will look for details and consider about implementing this feature.

Thanks for detailed suggestion.
Sergey Stukov
Hello, we found following info in the documentation:

Prowlmail is the official service for getting email messages to be push notifications within Prowl.

Your address will be in the form

You can use your address wherever you would normally use an email address. Put it into an email notifications field on a website, or forward your email to it for instant notification.

Please check and tell us is this enough for you.
Seems that you can add new user with ProwlImail address and subscribe to your feedback forum to start receiving notifications.
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