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I submitted an "Add App" request to

They can be pretty slow at adding apps if they only have a few request for the app. Possibly, you could also contact OneLonin to request UserEcho be added to their app lists. Thanks.
Sergey Stukov
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Hello, we will start investigation regarding native app of UserEcho in the OneLogin apps directory.

Note at this moment we Support SAML2, also we have app for the OKTA
Russ Sharkey
Is OneLogin supported yet?
Sergey Stukov
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We have implemented OneLogin support,
It's already working via OneLogin SAML test connector.

Tech guys already able to configure it:
Some details regarding settings:
1) Add OneLogin SAML test connector to your OneLogin apps list.
2) Name it "UserEcho"
3) Configuration params:

So consumer URL/format is: https://{subdomain}
Additional attributes is: Email,First name,Last name
Will release detailed FAQ article, how to set it up. Next morning.

Native connector also will be available soon.
Sergey Stukov
Now we have native (approved) App in the OneLogin directory.
Here is detailed info how to configure integration with OneLogin

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