German: High priority translations for main interface

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I just submitted some translation for the following phrases. These phrases are located right on the main screen. So their translation would be priority 1. I assure that my translations are sound and reasonable. Please accept these, because the Germish main interface looks quite unprofessional:
Sign in = Anmelden
Sign up = Registrieren
Votes left = Verbleibende Stimmen
Enter your idea or search term here = Geben Sie eine Idee oder einen Suchbegriff ein…
Add a new one = Hinzufügen (= simply "Add") (or "Neues Thema hinzufügen" = "add a new topic")
Unmarked topics = Unbearbeitete Themen ("unmarkiert" does not work in this context)
Active topics = Aktive Themen
Close topics = Geschlossene Themen
Recently updated feedback = Kürzlich aktualisierte Themen
Topics = Themen

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Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Thank you. Approved.