Strange extra spaces in mail notifications

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A few time ago (between March and April), the mail footer (defined in the community settings) displays an extra space in the mails received by the users, whereas it's not present in the setup.

1- BEFORE, we received (in March):
LaBox idéale, le site de l'univers Numericable idéal.
2- NOW, we receive (from April):
LaBox idéale , le site de l'univers Numericable idéal.

Note: the extra space is added before the comma, maybe because that the first part is an HTML link?

Besides, maybe is it the moment to notice similar détails in default e-mail notifications from UserEcho:
  • New topic has been posted by fernandn .
  • New comment has been posted by Roberts, Scott .
  • Status has changed by laboxideale .
    Status has changed by Vladimir Mullagaliyev (co-founder).
Note 1: see extra spaces after the user names, before the point... but not for the last example...
Note 2: see that the style (bold/normal) for purpose of the e-mail and user name is different for each type of notification. Maybe would it be better to harmonize the style for all 3 messages? (And maybe uppercase the initial letter as on the UserEcho web site).

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Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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The problem is fixed.