Notifications for subscriptions displayed untranslated

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I just noticed that on the User profile page concerning Notifications, all the notifications appearing in black box in the upper right corner are displayed untranslated (in English) whereas all their strings have been made available and translated for a long time ago.

(for instance "You have subscribed to this category", "You have subscribed to the forum", "Subscription status has been reset", etc.).

Moreover, when multiples notifications are displayed simultaneously, the action "close all" appear untranslated but is not localizable for the moment.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Thank you for your message.

We've applied all your translations and have added "close all". So, First problem is resolved. Needs a little bit more time to apply translations to the "close all".



Thank you the notifications appear now translated.

And "close all" is available in translations (and will be displayed soon). Perfect.

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