Assign tickets, forum and kb to departments based on rules

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I would like to suggest to add departments in addition (instead) of groups. (can't really comprehend what this is being used for?)

Say I have several departments in my company.

Product, Support, Technical and customer service

If I get a ticket I would like to assign that ticket to the department of product because a user suggested an idea to add a new feature.

Further could this be done by adding rules

So when someone adds an IDEA with the category computer, it automatically adds the category computer, adds tags and move the ticket to assign john i product department.

If I get a problem with category computer, i would like it to be auto assigned to pamela in support department.

Further if the status changes to planned it should be possible to push ticket to create a JIRA ticket, and linke the 2 together.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Hello Morten,

Some our clients has a similar situation. Here is how they resolve it.

1. If this is a Helpdesk requests only, you are able to create a separate Helpdesk forums for each group with different emails. Then assign support agents to their Helpdesk. So, users send email requests that will be available at selected Helpdesk.

Example: -> "Product" Helpdesk -> "Support" Helpdesk

2. Seems it doesn't work for you, becuase you told about public requests (Ideas). So, your agent can setup custom filter in an Agent interface which will be show topics from selected Categories only. Then they can save this filter and use to see related topics. But actually they will not be assigned to the agent. Maybe this will be enough for you.

3. Some clients have a supervisor who assign topics to support agents.

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