Knowledge base not showing articles to secondary user

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I created a knowledge base, and made another user... this user can not see the articles in the knowledge base, but can see that there is a knowledge base. Just not articles. How do I fix this?

Pamela Rodriguez

I figured out that I need to "accept" a topic. Is there a way to automize this?

Sergey Stukov
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Articles in the knowledge base, by default has Draft status, and visible only to staff(support agents). That allow to temporarily save articles and show it to another staff members to proofread it for example. Just Accept it after creation and it will be visible to all.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Hello Pamela,

When you add a new article it has a state "DRAFT". We do it because usually you do correction in an article before publication.

When article is ready you publish it for users.

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