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I can make multi-language emails, but how do I change the language of the tags? Fx ue_unsubscribe.

My project is only in danish, but the emails only comes in english after I have modified the templates. Can i lock them to danish?

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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All context are generated in a user's locale. So, you do not have to force any language. You need it for your template's text only (custom template). Please let us know what type of email and what type of data wasn'rt translated automatically and what user has been received this email. We will check all information.

Karl-Emil Bilstrup

Alright, so it determined by the users language and not the forum. I have tested it with users signed up in our forum, and it is working just fine.

I receive the mails in english for some reason (I have changed a lot between english and danish), but it is not important.
Thanks for the answer!

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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