Unmerged topic has disappeared; link still directs to merged post

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I merged two topics because they were duplciates of bug reports in our system. I wanted to comment on the duplicate, to explain why I was merging them. So I unmerged them. Now the duplicate is gone, and its link still points to the merged (now unmerged) topic.

Original topic: http://smart-support.acrobatiq.com/topics/201-images-inside-callouts/

Duplicate: http://smart-support.acrobatiq.com/topics/264-white-space-in-callout-with-images/ (I took this URL from my notification email)

When I follow the second URL I'm redirected to the first one.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Hello Hall,

Seems like this is a cache in your browser, because we are able to open your link.

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