Go to knowledge base in mobil version

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How do you go to the knowledge base or to the settings in the mobil view?

The menus in the top bar are not there.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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By default in the project we have links to forums and knowledge bases the side bar. You hidden this block in your project.

So, we've added custom CSS to your project to do not hide links in the top bar.

/* do not hide top bar menus in the mobile mode */
div.navbar-fixed-top ul.navbar-nav,
div.navbar-fixed-top ul.navbar-nav li.navbar-kb-forums span.hidden-xs,
div.navbar-fixed-top ul.navbar-nav li.navbar-tickets span.hidden-xs
{display: block !important;}

Also to access settings click on the button on the top bar. You will se you name, them same steps as in the regular view.

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