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I use PayPal for all payments and is it possible to pay for my project using PayPal after my trial expires?

Also, I have two more questions.

  1. How can I hide the right side forums module and rename instead of forums to another name like "Navigation."?
  2. Another user of mine wants to write Knowledge base articles. She's not an agent but can I set it up so used can write knowledge base articles if I accept? How would you suggest? I wouldn't add her as staff because she wouldn't be posting all the time so the cost wouldn't offset how much she posts which is rarely.
Sergey Stukov
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Hello, yes it's possible. Open your payments section and send corresponding amount to the with project alias in description, payment will be applied to your account.

1) You can hide any module via custom CSS settings, for the first step check module ID;

then add corresponding string to your Custom CSS settings.

#module_126 {display:none}

2) If you want use only one agent, you can create a private forum and give her access to it. She will prepare KB articles in it, and you will move and publish it to the KB when required.

Sergey Stukov

PS: If you need to hide pointed module as on the screenshot below

it has id= module_52

So custom CSS string will equal to

#module_52 {display:none}

Just add only this one string

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