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Groups are essential to reporting statistics to our users. Each user is are all part of larger teams, so in User Echo each customer team is a Group (we offer services to educational institutions who build online courseware, so think of each Group as a university and each assigned Group member is an employee from the university). That means we need to be able to filter, sort, or export information based on Groups. For instance:

  • I cannot sort the forum posts by Group (the original poster's group), either in teh forums or in the Agent Interface Topics page
  • When printing statistics, at the top of the printout are all the overview statistics, not the statistics for the filtered Group (topics, comments, votes, response pending)
  • There is no way to export Group-specific statistics, except by printing a PDF
  • On the Users page of the Agent Interface, there is no way to filter the view to just one Group, or sort by Group

These kinds of Group controls are all essential. I'm sure there are more that I cannot think of right now.


Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Hello Hall,

Thank you for your Ideas. We are able to add filter by group in the agent interface. Will add it to our plan.

Everything else are "Under review" for now.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

Hello Hall,

We've added filter by Users group.


That's fantastic, thank you Vladimir. I greatly appreciate this filter.


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