Allow posts to contain collapsible text containers

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Many of our users often don't realise they can upload log files and instead paste them into the thread of comments. It would be very helpful if we could allow them or us (To edit for them) to set entire regions of text into a collapsed by default text container so it is much cleaner and easier to read.

See for example the first post in this report:

Most forum systems have this capability.

Sergey Stukov
  • Under review
Vladimir Mullagaliyev

Hello Scott,

We will wait for some votes to implement this feature, because even with this feature your users will not use it, because it is even more difficult then attach file. If they do not see the "Attach file button" they will not see "Collapse" button too. It would be helpful for support agents only.

So, for now we see two ways to do it by your support agents:

1. Attach text as a file. Copy user's content, Past to some editor (ex:notepad) and save as a file. Then attach file and remove text.

2. Make a text collapsible. If they have some HTML skills you are able to make a text collapsible. Turn on code editor, then format comment text as the example.

<a data-target="#hidden_text" data-toggle="collapse">Show/Hide text</a>
<div class="collapse" id="hidden_text">
    Some hidden text..


Show/Hide text

Some hidden text..