insert image as link (not inlined)

  • updated
  • Under review


Sometimes when writing in a topic, you would like to supply an image as reference but not inlined and directly visible in the text: just a link on which the reader can click to see the fullsize image (as displayed currently when clicking on an inlined image). This would be even more useful when inserting several images.

  1. The "Insert File" action could be a workaround to insert such a link to an image file, but using this then the file is proposed for download and not directly displayed full size as expected.
  2. The "Link" action could be a workaround, but you must then upload your image file to another server on the internet and get the corresponding URL.

So why not add a dedicated new action to "Insert an image link" to reach this.

I don't know if the best place would be:

  • in the actual "Image" menu (which could propose a new action "Insert Image as link" next to "Insert Image"),
  • or in the "File" menu
  • or even in the "Link" menu...

But this possibility would be welcome to:

  • insert an image file
  • see it as link in the text
  • get it zoomed as any inserted image when clicked

Hope this is a good idea ;-)