Deletes last line on new topic

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When entering new topics, the last line of text in input field is removed on posting.

I now have to make a spereate line with a period


Vladimir Mullagaliyev
  • Under review

Hello Steffen,

Could you please provide us information about your Browser and Operation System? We will try to reproduce the problem.

Steffen F.
Chome [latest] on Win10 [latest].
Vladimir Mullagaliyev

Hello Steffen we do perform test on exact the same environment (Windows 10, latest Chrome) and we have no such issue at all. But we have one more use who experience the same issue as you. No complaints from any other users.

Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the issue to fix it for now. We would appreciate any additional information. Could you check if you have some specific Chrome plugin enabled and it cause the issue? Or just try to temporary disable plugins at all. Also do you have the issue when you do new post, new comment or both?

Thank you.