Comments API not showing private posts

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I've added an API Token with the "read", "write", "all" scopes for a support agent. When attempting to run the /api/v2/topics/1234/comments.json API call, only public comments are being returned. None of the private (either "Author & Support Agents" [privacy_mode=2] or "Support Agents Only" [private_mode=3]) are returning.

Ideally, if the API token being used has permission to be able to see private comments, they should return in the comments call. If I do the topics call (/api/v2/topics/1234.json) then I can see the private_comment_count returns as 1, so I know there's a private comment there.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
  • Fixed

Hello Matthew,

We've change the API method. Now it returns all comments available for selected user. Information how to make API request on behalf of specific user are available here at the bottom of the page.