Your comments

Thank you. Can you please export my data into a file so that I can upload it to another platform? Also, if I delete my project, this means all is permanently deleted, correct? Also, it will be in what, csv or html file? 

Once again, thanks for the service. I really had a nice three years here! 
Hey Vladmir,

The code works for the comment, but it still shoes the second module / box. See? 

I don't want it to show any other second white box. Just the original thread when comments are disabled.
It still shows on my project too, I think -- but maybe I've done it wrong. Can you take a look?

Thanks for the update! It works after I cleared several things up.
This would be actually useful, especially with Knowledge Bases. I think it would be cool to be able to insert any Knowledge Base on any page. For example, I created a blank forum. I can "Insert Activities From All Forums here." So one page can display all recent posts from their knowledge base.

Still, hundreds of people use that login token. [Ubuntu Forums and like services]. Just a thought, I knew it was shutting down months before they officially announced it.

It seems someone has messed with my CSS then, I removed staff from Project Manager. I know how CSS works. Is it possible that another staff had access? I share a laptop as well from time to time.

Next time you can ask me. I can apply settings myself. :-) The icon isn't possible for now, but I can add a button on a custom blank page on a text editor for sure.
I definitely agree here, Tom! Sleek, responsive and modern.
Nice, thank you very much! That really fits perfectly.