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Addition: you probably won't see this because this bug is visible only after you add a deep comment, after you refresh the page the comment is displayed properly.
It was me, sorry didn't check if I still was logged in when I moved from my UserEcho forum to here.
I wonder if "we have manually activated your account" was really meant?
Sergey, thanks for the prompt reply! It was UE, here is the second email I got:

I don't really want to go over all the details trying to register at UserEcho but here we go...
First message confirmation sent me to an empty or rather, a missing page on UserEcho.
Second try a few days later (just in case it might work), sent request for password. Link came in but no way to access login on UE.
Third effort. Sent request directly to responsible of UE.
Received personal message to say that they confirm new registrations manually.
Sent message to him in the hopes that this would confirm that i am not a machine.
No response.

Have now registered with myopenid as you suggested and everything went well. Phew!!!"

I've given this user a link to this thread so hopefully he will be able to provide additional details.
Thanks, will be waiting! Will users be able to include images in comments as well?
If I use merge command on A and pick B, I expect A to become attached to B.
Thanks in advance!
This is great news!
That + images and rich markup in comments, and I'll be able to migrate my whole "Feature Requests" forum here!
Very nice, thanks a lot! The gauge looks great! The only thing - I'd use a more readable font for the digits, now its difficult to read and it doesn't fit the design and other fonts used on the site.