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It happened here:

I chose the "Oldest first" view mode, then I pressed "Add new comment", and after I pressed "Add comment" my comment appeared on top instead of bottom. Only after refreshing the page it went to bottom.
This is nice, but still leaves out important mode : Total vote count (upvotes + downvotes). This is what I meant under "popularity", but maybe "Most active" is the better term.
Thanks for the info! Can't wait to see UE2.0
I'd like to add links to CintaNotes Help page and to main CintaNotes forum.
Wow, that's what I call speedy improvement! Thanks! ;)
Sergey, Vladimir, thank you very much for your answers! I'm not quite ready to fully switch to UserEcho because I'm afraid to lose the fine community that have formed on forum. And there's no guarantee that UserEcho won't disappear the next day. So for the time being CintaNotes is going to use UserEcho as a public roadmap/voting service. But if we like it here it's possible that we move entire Feature Requests and Bugs forums here.
BTW I've upgraded to the Power Plan and am going to test out the tagging functionality, thanks for that opportunity ;)
Thanks for the answer! Will our sites be transferred automatically to UserEcho 2.0?