Automatic "Let's Encrypt" SSL certficates

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It would be great if you could add automatic letsencrypt certificate creation and renewal for custom (sub-)domains for easy and free https support.

Sergey Stukov
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Terry Gauchat

I can't emphasize enough how important SSL is to my company and Customers.

Chrome and other browsers are starting to give very visible and severe looking alerts to non-SSL https websites, especially if they include password inputs (such as on the user profile Common Settings / Change Password screen!).

Each free Let's Encrypt certificate can be expanded to support a very large number of custom domains. Expanding a certificate does not fall under the "five certificate requests per 7 days" limitations.

Running multiple certificates is probably complicated; but if we're lucky, a single certificate can hold enough domains. Let me help you research this if necessary.


Sergey Stukov

We already investigated ability to create such feature like "Automated Let's encrypt Certificate creation and renewal"

At that moment it queued. And awaiting implementation.

Note that we have "Option SSL Hosting" - this is for case when you provide us with any SSL certificate and corresponding private key. It costs #10 monthly.

Are you ready to pay additional $10 monthly for this feature. If we add "Let's Encrypt" support to it, so we will request certificate on behalf of your subdomain, setup it and will maintain renewal process each 90 days to avoid expiration?

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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We support automatic "Let's Encrypt" certificates for now.

We provide certificates for free but you need to have our SSL hosting feature enabled for your service plan which costs additional $10/month ( Send us the feature and certificate request via our Helpdesk.

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