Auto reload of Topic in Agent Interface while editing a response is critically disruptive.

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For some reason, I frequently get the "This topic has changed, we have reloaded it for you." message right while I am composing a response in the editor.

This has multiple negative side-effects:

  • The cursor moves to the top of the edit window and any buffered text is thus input in the wrong place, garbling the input.
  • The response loses its threaded position: i.e., it becomes a first-level response, instead of being nested inline where it was initiated.

Please provide an option to disable the "auto refresh" while any editing is taking place.


Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Hello Terry,

We will do our best to improve this part. 

Thank you for your report.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Hello Terry,

We've improved that part.

If an update will come when you just watching the topic we will perform it immediately (as it was before) and show message that the topic has been updated.

If you reply to the topic when it was updated we will show the a button "Has updates".

If you click on it we will update it for you.

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