Abilit to split a single topic into multiple topics

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Users sometimes include multiple requests or ideas inside a single topic. It would be great to be able to split a single topic into multiple topics such that each resulting topic appears as submitted by the original topic submitter. We could then edit the resulting topics down to contain only one idea each.

Here's the workflow we imagine:

1. User submits a topic that includes requests #1, #2, and #3.

2. Agent splits the topic into three separate topics.

3. Agent edits one of the topics to include only #1, the next one to include only #2, and the last one to include only #3.

I suppose in this sense, split=duplicate.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev co-founder
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Hi Thomas,

Actually you can do it now. It requires a little more work.

So, first of all, it's better to open original topic in new window. Then you just create a new topic in the agent interface.

Copy text you need from the original topic and change the topic author to the original topic's author.

Image 18692

This way you can create a topic on behalf of your users.

thomas richardson

Ah that's great - thank you Vladimir!