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Hi Sergey. Would it be possible to give every category an own set of tags? That would be great. Now we have one set for all categories. In some cases, the tag-list would be much too long by this way of tag handling.
Much more comfortable is, when you can choose which set of tags shall be assigned with which category.
Sergey Stukov
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We give the idea of ​​the opportunity to collect votes and opinions.
One of the goals UserEcho simple and intuitive mechanism for users.
Martin Reisbeck
UserEcho provides four classification systems in one community. Forum, Category, Feedback type and Tags. It seems comfortable. But there are two systems working parallel. Just in the same rank. What is it good for? Type and tags, they rule the forum from top to bottom. Yes, we need feedback types. But there is nothing to divide the category only! We don't need two classification-systems parallel working through 3 stages. VOTE FOR THE CHANGE, PEOPLE! We like to define a category by tags. Or much more comfortable: We like to define groups of caterories by sets of tags.
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