correction for time in the item-footer...

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write for one hour:

"aktualisiert vor einer Stunde"

more hours than one:

"...<x> Stunden" 

for day(s):

When it is one, write:

"vor einem Tag"

when it is more then one, write:

"...<x> Tagen"

and when it is one Month:

"vor einem Monat"

when it is more than one:

"vor <x> Monaten"

and Year:

"...vor einem Jahr"


"...<x> Jahren"

Im shure you will find a proper, short algorithm for that rule...

Sergey Stukov

Tags can be easily customized. We can add tag Issue is it will be helpful? 

Martin Reisbeck

Yes correct.

Stunde and Stunden

Monat and Monaten

Jahr and Jahren

But not in every case! Only in this position.

And don't forget, "aktualisiert" not "Aktualisieren". In this footer. Not in every case.

Sergey Stukov
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Please note we able to detect singular or plural form.

Stunde for singular
Stunden for plural

Is it correct?
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