New Feedback, fuzzy window

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From the red widget I start a new feedback via the intput-bar ("Next" or "Neuer Beitrag"). There opens a window wich is not very comfortable at the first view.  Where is the area for the feedback-input? I know. But any new user doesn't know what to do...

Change "Kopfzeile" to "Überschrift"

Change "Kurzbeschreibung Ihrer Antwort" to Kurzbeschreibung Ihres Beitrags"

"Post in" better "Art des Beitrags" and scratch "Feedback-Tab"

And please change the sentence "Ausführliche Beschreibung falls zutreffend" to "Text Ihres Beitrags eingeben"

Usability urgent!
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Sergey Stukov
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Sergey Stukov