My replies to emails are not going. Going breserk!

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Although I am receving the emails forwarded from my gmail address, but the replies are not going to the users. I have tried both with my own reply address & userecho's default. Unable to understand.

What could be the reason & a fix?

Sergey Stukov
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We see that you set as a reply address, this can cause that email recognised as SPAM.
We recommend to create something like and use it as support email address.
WhatDaFun WDF
Hi Sergey,

It is not even in the spam. As I mentioned above as well, I had tried with default userecho suport address as well. No emails are going.
WhatDaFun WDF
Please reply
Sergey Stukov
We will create test request to your helpdesk, within a few minutes.
Reply to it, so we will able to see what happens.
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