Integration with UserSnap or Add screen capture / annotate capabilities

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In an ongoing effort to ensure an excellent feedback experience for our Customers, as well as trying to be as efficient and organized as a company, I stumbled upon UserSnap today.

At first glance it almost looks like a UserEcho replacement, but it really doesn't have the breadth. It is focused on "visually" capturing errors and feedback about web-apps with a friendly web page screenshot (snapshot) + annotate plug-in feature (browser plug in and/or app-widget).

They don't seem to aim to be a full Help Desk or Community Feedback Forum tool, but instead offer some integration abilities (they list Customer Care Integrations with: ZenDesk, Intercom, and Desk).

So two Ideas / Requests for UserEcho:

  1. Could you take a look at the functionality of UserSnap and perhaps talk with their "integrations" department to see how much work is involved in writing an integration to UserEcho?

    It's possible that myself or other UserEcho users could do some of this with your existing API (depending on the quality, also, of UserSnap's APIs...).

  2. Could you look into replicating the screen / web-page visual capture + annotate functionality of UserSnap as a built-in feature of UserEcho's feedback widget?

    This choice is the most efficient for your customers that prefer not to use two different tools for bug tracking, but #1 may be easier to implement. I'm wondering though if there is some open source JavaScript libraries, etc., that provide basic visual web-page capture, in which case, adding this functionality to your widget may not be too hard.