Little problem: Satisfaction Rating duplicate notification.

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I was testing the Satisfaction Rating function and notice the following non-optimal behavior (though this is not a serious problem):

  1. As soon as the User selects their Satisfaction opinion choice in the Closed Ticket email notification (green "Good" or red "Bad button), a notification is sent to the Agent.

  2. The Customer is taken directly to the Ticket where they can input further comments about their rating. Even if they don't have any comments, their instinct is to press "Save" rather than cancel; since they apparently believe they are just saving the Rating they selected in the Email. (See clip)

  3. At this point, a second notification is sent to the Agent.

Is there some way to filter out the one of the two notifications, please?

  • Perhaps the Customer must always press Save on their Rating before it is counted, and thus only the second notification would be sent to the Agent?
  • Or the system should wait to send the first notification for a while to see if it can be consolidated with the second?
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Hello Terry,

#1. We save the satisfaction mark immediately (if the user clicked from email link) just in case if he will close the page immediately. We had a lot of this situations before.

So, we've improved this process, Now we will sends first notification (#1). Then if user click "Save" we check if he added comment or change his opinion and send notification again. No changed = no notification.

So, now you will receive notification if something changed only.

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