Has the login timeout / session duration been shortened?

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Since a few days ago, suddenly I am asked to login again and again after a ... a few hours? ...

My login session used to be "permanent" (I don't recall ever having to login again unless I logged out on purpose).

Has the login session duration been changed? Is there now a login timeout?

I have multiple email addresses, so I can't use Google+ login. So agents having to re-input their email and password is affecting productivity.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Hello Terry,

We do close old sessions if you are open a new one. So, one user cannot have a session in more than one browser. We need this limitation due to security reason. Also we are trying to prevent to work more operators than paid at the same time

If you work in one browser you could not have any problem. If you have it please describe us how to reproduce it.

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