Setting up a built-in contact form for the website

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What is UserEcho contact form for website?

The contact form provides an immediate, convenient way for users to ask the company questions. You can see how feedback form look on the image below.

Image 17676

Adding a new contact form in settings

To add contact form open settings of your project and use following path

Helpdesk->Sources->Embedded form

Then press button "Add embedded helpdesk form" like shown on the image below.

Image 17677

You contact form will be automatically added and now we going to set it up.

Contact form settings

For your form, you can specify a name it is used for convenience and in it you can write what your form is for or where it is located. This is useful if you will be using multiple forms on your resources.

Select the interface language for the form if your site supports multiple languages.

Customize the color of the buttons on the form

Set the title that will be on the form.

Select the Helpdesk where the requests with the form will go if you have more than one helpdesk.

Please note that to increase security, you need to indicate on which site the installation of the form is allowed for this, click on the button [1] as shown in the screenshot

Image 17678

During customization, a preview of the form will be displayed on the right so you can always see how your form will look. The only difference is that its width is dynamic and it will occupy the entire width allotted for it on your site.

After changing the form settings, click the save button and you can proceed to installing the form code on the site.

Installing the contact form code on the site

On the list of widgets, click the blue button opposite the widget [1] to get the embed code, it consists of two parts.

Insert the first part [2] before the closing <body> tag

Insert the second part [3] where you want to see the inline form.

Image 17675

The form automatically occupies the entire width of the space provided to it and automatically changes its height depending on the user input.

This completes the installation of the feedback form.

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