Microsoft Teams integration

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UserEcho can send notifications about all events to the Microsoft teams channel. Here's how to setup Microsoft teams integration:

Within Microsoft teams select or create corresponding channel

Then select  Apps icon on the left side and start adding Incoming Webhook to your channel

After connector is configured, Copy the URL below to save it to the clipboard, then select Save. You'll need this URL when you go to the "UserEcho" service settings.

Setup integration on the UserEcho side

Open Settings-Integrations->Other->Microsoft teams

Click on the "+Add" button, new setup dialog will appear.

Paste your "Microsoft team" incoming webhook URL in the corresponding field and select which types of notification you want see on your "Microsoft teams channel.

Click on "Save" button. Done, now you will receive notification on your UserEcho activity

Please note some Teams Accouts have missed Connectors menu

Use this workaround 


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