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Portal themes help you to customize your portal as much as you want. You can find the option in your Project settings -> Portal -> Theme. We would split customization process on three levels:


For fast and simple customization you can use theme settings (Settings tab in Theme). You can:

  • upload your own image on predefined places
  • change color settings,
  • customize predefined texts
  • customize theme by other predefined settings

Feel free to contact us if you need more options in basic customization.


If basic customization not enough for you and you know what CSS and JavaScript mean you are able to apply more customization using custom CSS styles (CSS tab in Theme) or even add changes to HEAD section of your portal by changing META data, adding custom JavaScript code, etc (HEAD tab in Theme).


If you would like to fully customize you portal and can change virtually anything using your own templates (Templates tab in Theme). Templates allow you to fully change structure of your portal and all information available to your users. To make such changes you would need to know HTML and CSS. 

More information about advanced customization via templates available in these articles:

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