How to auto-convert email messages to helpdesk tickets

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The UserEcho is able to process emails and auto convert them to tickets, so you will able to provide customer support from one place - your agent interface.

How it works?

Customer send email to your support email address. The UserEcho process it, assign ticket number and place it into your Helpdesk. Customer will receive notification that company received their request and soon it will be replied.

When your support agent process request from the agent interface(update status or place reply), user receives notification with status updates. So process is completely transparent. User feels that he has a typical email conversation via email. But you have well organized Helpdesk with support agents who control all customer's requests.


By default "Email ticketing" is disabled. You could go to your Project settings -> Helpdesk -> Sources -> Email ticketing and enable it.

Default email address is support@[your project alias] All email messages to this address will be auto-converted to the Helpdesk tickets. You can configure your own email address (as email support channel). If you receives emails to your own email just forward them to your confiigured UserEcho Helpdesk address (ex: support@[your project alias]

Custom reply address

By default UserEcho sends notifications about tickets updates using your Helpdesk address (ex: support@[your project alias]
But it can be easy changed to your own address. Go to Project settings -> Helpdesk -> Sources -> Email ticketing and set it up.
Don't forget to add corresponding SPF record to your DNS to ensure email delivery and prevent it to appear in the users SPAM folders.

Multiple email addresses

You are able to assign one email address to each Helpdesk forum (section). So, if you would like to have a separate emails for different tickets (ex: support, accounting, etc.) you can add a new Helpdesk section, then assign new email as described above.

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