Custom email templates

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Available in service plans: Advanced, Universal

If you would like to create an unique view of your notifications or just change some text in few notifications you are able to create your own email templates!

All email notifications consist of two parts:
1. Base notification template - common part of all email notifications.
2. Content template - unique part of each email notification (detailed information). Available templates:

  • Request accepted by email
  • New topic
  • Topic moved to another forum
  • Topic merged
  • Topic deleted
  • New comment/status
  • Reset password
  • User registration
  • User invitation
  • Topic collaborator invitation
  • Private forum invitation
  • Support agent invitation
  • Chat history
To build email template you can use:
1. HTML/Text - write what you want.
2. Available context - some variables, different for each notification. How to use available context in your templates.
3. Template tags - predefined tags to help you build your template. How to use template tags in email templates.

Also check some examples: Custom email subject examples

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