Using custom email addresses to build your brand identity

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UserEcho allows you to use you own email with your domain name(s) when sending notifications and replies to your users.

To add a new address you need to open Project->Custom email addresses into your project settings and then click on [+Add] button.

After that you need do following steps to activate it.

Step1: Email confirmation

You need confirm that you are rightful owner of this email. UserEcho will send verification email to it and you need to click confirmation link in email.

Step2: adding SPF & DKIM records

You are required to create a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and (DKIM) records with your domain name registrar to ensure that all your emails get delivered properly and not marked as spam by any email clients. It can be done quickly, in a matter of minutes, by modifying your Domain Name System (DNS).

And here's how you do it:

  • Go to your domain registrar's website.

  • Login to the domain control panel.

  • Open your DNS configuration settings.

  • Edit your ZONE File and look for TXT or SPF record.

  • Specify the following value: v=spf1 a mx ~all

  • Save your changes.

  • Edit your ZONE File and look for CNAME record.

  • Specify the values provided in section 3 DKIM, see screenshot below.

  • Save your changes. 

But what if an SPF record already exists?

If you already have a SPF record, just add after your current declarations but before any ~all or -all.

Step3: Verification

After that click on the [Verify][3] button. If all DNS records is ok and your email confirmed it will be activated on the UserEcho side.



You should now be able to send and receive emails from your UserEcho account without any difficulties.

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