How to add user's email address to agent's email notification

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You can add user's email address into agents notifications using this line of code:

{% if notification.user.is_staff and %}<p>Email: {{}}</p>{% endif %}

So, to apply it open your "New topic" notification template and insert something like this:

{% if %}<p align="right">
    <span style="background-color:#{{notification.topic.status.color}};color:#ffffff;padding:5px;"><strong>{{}}</strong></span>
</p>{% endif %}
<p>Dear {{}},</p>
<p>New topic has been posted by {{}}.</p>
{% if notification.user.is_staff and %}<p>Email: {{}}</p>{% endif %}
{% ue_notification_frame label="Click here to open topic" label_url=notification.url header=notification.topic.header text=notification.topic.description %}

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