Multilanguage. Could you add multi-language support?

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Sergey Stukov
Russian version will be available soon
We wait too :)
Sergey Stukov
Today we launched Russian version of UserEcho
Could you add german support?
Sergey Stukov
At the moment we are planning to translate
1) feedback widget
2) site popup with top rated ideas
3) User interface, excluding admin interface

it would be great if you would help us to check and correct errors in German after we will make translation
Yes of course, I would like to help!
Sergey Stukov
How do you think which word best matched for feedback tab

1) Rückmeldung
2) Feedback
3) Reaktion
I think "Feedback" is the best word for the tab, everyone would know what it mean.
Sergey Stukov
Tomorrow we upload DE version of site, it will be in alpha quality but you can start for checking it for grammatical errors.

Also we change default language of your project to German
Sergey Stukov
DE localization was added
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