How to create knowledge base (FAQ) for your community

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At this moment all new communities created with preconfigured knowledge base. But you able to have multiple knowledge bases. It can be public or private. Find out below details how to create and configure knowledge base for your community.

Adding knowledge base

To create knowledge base open "Project" > "Forums" and then press "+Create knowledge base" button.

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Filling the knowledge base content

Create articles with useful information for an users, to do this, open knowledge base and press on the "New article" button.

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Note that is possible to move existing articles(feedback, bugs, etc.) from your community to the knowledge base.

Also you can structure your knowledge base with categories.

Adding knowledge base module to the main community dashboard

It't possible to add knowledge base presenter to the main community dashboard. Open "Settings" > "Customise", choose required forum and then press "Add left" button. Choose "Knowledge base panel" module to add.

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In the module settings link it with existing knowledge base.

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Adding knowledge base content to the search results

When users perform search on your community, UserEcho will place articles from a knowledge base with higher priority. To enable this feature you must link your search module with knowledge base. Open "Settings" > "Customisation" the select forum. Move mouse over the search module and click setup action.

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Link search module with knowledge base.

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Enable user rating for the knowledge base content

Users able to set positive or negative score, about article content, for negative votes UserEcho ask user for explanation. So in this case you can improve topic content and turn user reaction to the positive state. This feature helps to increase user loyalty and to improve quality of content.

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You can toggle user ratings in the forum settings section.

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Find out below example of Knowledge base view

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